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Anette: I serve others by weaving connections and empowering them to take on issues of personal growth. I am able to create heartfelt, safe and respectful spaces where people can face and unfold their own lives in an authentic way. My path is to build community, create possibilities, see the beauty in life, and to encourage others to trust their feelings. I was born in Germany where I raised 3 children and lived until 2006. At that time I moved to Tamera, a peace research community in Portugal. I lived there for 3 years, and it was there that I had my first contact with Clinton Callahan; the originator of Possibility Management. In 2008 I met partner Paul while visiting the U. S. It was soon after that I started to work as a Possibility Manager and life coach. Paul and I travel regularly to Germany to continue our Possibility Trainer training as well as to visit my family and friends.


Paul: I was drawn to Possibility Management because of its ability to empower people to transform their lives. I spent several years working with sex offenders in prison and introducing Possibility Management more and more because I found it to be the most effective way to help them avoid re-offending and to build a healthy and fulfilling life. I recently left that work to focus on doing Possibility Management full time. I love this work and the insights it gives, but I consider the quality of connection and caring I have for people as important as any tools I use. My prior work includes ten years of teaching full impact self-defense classes with a focus on emotional healing. I have ten years of experience with peer-counseling.


Anette Schuster and Paul Rogers





Let yourself be moved by the power of life. This motto describes what happens in our training spaces. Driven by the power of Bright Principles such as Enthusiasm, Clarity, Service, Joy of Life, Leadership, Possibility, and Creativity, participants dare to face issues in their lives that they previously could not or did not want to face. According to our experience this work on yourself is not often easy or rose-colored… but it is Fun! And it leads to a colorful life because you keep reinventing yourself and relationships with others. By discovering facets of yourself that were previously unseen or dormant, who you are blossoms with strength and resilience. We are parents with two children, living at Lenzwald/Southern Germany in a small community, with extra skills in personal fitness and next-culture clothing design.


Anne and Thomas Schmid





Dagmar: After studying and working in the modern economy I became an Alexander Technique trainer. For fifteen years I helped people discover their physically debilitating habits and to try out alternatives. This way what can emerge in their day-to-day life is more ease, more freedom of movement, and more freedom of pain. Several years ago I experienced myself in my marriage emotionally completely confused and unable to act. My mind went crazy and the tools that were available to me seemed to not be sufficient to handle it. What was missing I got during Expand The Box and following trainings. One of the most powerful steps was my divorce, the clear Yes to myself – and to Michael a little later. Today I help people gain a freedom of movement beyond their well-trodden patterns in their minds, hearts and spirits as well.


Michael: I am a father of three almost-grown children and I’m burning for the evolution of the individual and healing towards coherence. My first job is piano maker, my second job is healer – that’s why I sometimes refer to myself as a "piano whisperer and human tuner”. I am also an Aikido instructor. In Possibility Management I have found the clear distinctions and the closeness to life that I was always seeking for myself and my clients.


Our work is guided by Love, Vitality, Clarity and the shared passion of supporting and inspiring people to reconnect with their inner strength, their fire and their own authority. We provide a generous listening, an attentive seeing, and a safe and humorous space for working with individuals, couples and groups. We see many people longing to live closer to their own truth, to be fulfilled in relationship, and to contribute to the big picture. Our trainings are spaces where people break out of isolation, experiment in a team and enter a new, healing territory of learning.


Dagmar Thürnagel and Michael Hallinger





Dahlia: My own childhood gave me enough substance for a life-long healing journey. Whenever I undo a knot in myself people approach me needing exactly my new knowhow. This kind of sharing excites me! I deeply sense that implementing a sustainable, creative, and responsible new culture starts with ourselves and requires tools. Possibility Management gives me extraordinary tools for helping people with their unfolding, their healing, and reconciling themselves with their potential. Since I was 17 I have been in constant therapeutic education, and for the last twenty-five years a self-employed therapist and coach. I originated 4-Body Osteopathy for adults and children, which provides a safe space for people to be vulnerable, allow new experiences, be courageous, remain unique, and transform your shadows. 



Katharina: As a young girl I already looked for vivid interactions with life, seeking to push the defined limits of being human. This led me to ten years intensively studying the primordial laws of life in an astrology education, sixteen years as a freelance consultant in advertising and marketing, initiatory journeys to distant countries, and most recently, a multi-year training in Possibility Management at Next Culture Research & Training Center. As a Possibility Trainer my own learning and transformation cannot end. I use Clarity, Compassion and Enthusiasm to help people discover authentic communication, healing levels of intimacy, and astonishingly fruitful changes of perspective. There is nothing more beautiful for me than to witness someone stepping into their power – when that tingling vibrant force seeps through their veins. All of a sudden they see what they used to deny, they speak with their hearts, and their soul shines through. All four bodies are aligned and Leonhard Cohen’s “Halleluja” song rings in the hallways of my heart. 



Cornelius: I am married. I have some children. But it is not so simple. Sometimes my own pain forces me to let go of previous ideas and concepts. Someone reflects my behavior and I see how suppressing my pain all this time has caused me to make an error in expressing how much I love someone, or how much I love the Earth. When my pain becomes conscious there is a gasp of relief, a flowering of new perspectives. I hear that same gasp from other people now, the ones going through processes in our trainings. I shake my head wondering why it took me so long to get here. How much I wish this for other men, especially the younger men. The thoughtmaps of Possibility Management have helped me so much. As an entrepreneur I trained myself to look for common ground in opposites, for the differences in similarities – to see and to communicate about the nature of complex interrelations in a simple and lively way. Now I navigate these fine energies in people and between them in their relationships. I can help find the way through. What marvelously complex and flexible things we are, so ripe with unseen possibilities that can manifest our true and wished-for deep goodness. It is such an honor to request and accompany human evolution. 


Dahlia Abramovic, Katharina Kaifler and Cornelius Butz





Felix: I have loved the Earth since I was little. For my first career I learned how to be a landscape architect and gardener and built gardens for people for many years. Gradually I realized that not only does Earth have trees, plants, and soil, it also has animals and people. I began searching for how to transfer my love of growing healthy beautiful things from working with plants to working with people and found Possibility Management trainings. I dove in but never imagined that one day I would have the joy of delivering Expand The Box trainings and Possibility Labs even to participants in a foreign country! For sure this is an example of the magic and power of Possibility Management moving people into their true calling. Now I take care in training spaces to provide what is needed by people to leap into their new future. I am particularly inspired when men transform towards authentic men's culture. This is what makes a genuine relationship with women possible. I envision a world of people living in conscious connection with nature and founding local regenerative communities helping each other with authentic initiation into adulthood. 


Felix Fulda  



Georg: I find it embarrassing to admit that life can make sense. Not from a logical point of view, of course. But more sense than being squeezed through a culture-stamping machine that cuts off imagination and feelings, and other inner resources, then having to grope around for an identity to wear like a permanent smile. We try our best to make do. It is frustrating to seek help and get solutions that focus on symptoms but ignore the core problems. It seemed things could not get darker after losing my second wife. I could no longer look in the mirror and call myself a father. Or a husband. Or even farther from the truth, a man. But sometimes you have to let go of the old before new things can appear. I can’t explain how it happened that one day I started reading Radiant Joy Brilliant Love by Clinton Callahan and could feel the cobwebs getting blown out of my carburetors. Then I attended Nicola Nagel’s Expand The Box and 10 PLabs and it felt like open-heart surgery, only without anesthesia. I trusted the Trainers, and for some reason they trusted me. And then the universe stepped in, never leaving a resource unused. First I led an Expand The Box in Southern Germany with Felix Fulda. Then six weeks later I was leading the first ever Expand The Box in India – alone, at Auroville! And it was excellent! I had so much fun. The feedback was immensely positive. I arrived back in Switzerland a very different Georg than the one I thought I knew. What comes next? I suppose I could trust the universe and not try to figure that out. But I tell you, this is still a stretch for my Box. It makes sense that I get to practice not knowing by teaching improvisational theater, music, and dance to both children and adults. 


Georg Pollitt

Space of Possibilities





Marina: I used to be a master in foisting my problems onto circumstances and other people until I met Clinton Callahan and Possibility Management in 2005. The trainings lifted one veil after another, strengthened me in welcomed but unfamiliar ways, and connected me – with my family, my friends, with people who I happened to meet, and most of all: with myself. This newly encountered person asked questions that I didn’t dare to think up before. She found joy in making courageous decisions. The nice-girl mask got more and more dusty until an authentic and heartful voice said good-bye to a life employed as a manager's assistant.

Sometimes I think it would have been easier to keep my so-called “secure” job. But a warrioress has awoken, replacing patience-for-mediocrity with a flaming vision for serving the world. These days I can be startled about what comes out of my mouth. I move before I have time to think up reasons why I shouldn’t do it, and then I find myself in a new circumstance, with new friends and opportunities I would not have been able to think up for myself. I am being moved. The freedom I see and hear in the responsible adults around me inspires me to do whatever I can so that others get the same chances I've had.

I am committed to building up ongoing learning fields, to making the invisible visible, to enabling what may seem at first to be impossible, and to initiating people into a self-determined adult life. 


Ralf: It never occurred to me that I have different parts inside of myself. I guess this is because the part that avoids being identified as “different” successfully kept me out of places that would call up my different personalities. I thought I was a consistent person, a stable dad for my three children. Then I went to Expand The Box. It felt like Fight Club. The world suddenly turned wild, both inside me and outside. I could feel myself feeling feelings. People became more unpredictable and alive. But so did I. I was at first afraid of them, then afraid of myself. Now fear has become a tool for detecting what to take care of, what to find out about. Fear turned into my useful resource. But try explaining that to your mother! “Oh sure, Mom, I quit my job and have gone freelance because I enjoy feeling afraid.” But then, it’s true. I used to act as if I was a quiet recluse. Now I lead trainings and coaching sessions with a passion. There is still respect and safety, but if the boat doesn’t rock you’ll never take a swim.


Marina Deeken and Ralf Kolem

Liquid Talk





Marion: Very early on, before I was ten, I started asking questions about life and death and sense of life.

With 24 years I became self-employed and have been an entrepreneur since then in different branches.

It was in 2001 when I encountered Possibility Management knowing in that moment that I had found my home. Since my first training I was not stoppable anymore in translating everything I could get in my fingers from English to German and thus making Possibility Management available to the German speaking public through both written and spoken translation, including seven books. Did my former questions get answered? Yes and no. On the one hand I went through indescribable transformation processes and became the answer to many of my questions. And on the other side I sometimes feel like the more I learn the bigger the unknown gets at the same time.

Knowing that the culture – no matter which one – is an arbitrarily invented story, I feel the exigency to co-create a culture that works for human beings AND the planet. And no matter what kind of an amazing straw-bale-rammed-earth house I build for myself, no matter how sustainable my energy supply is or how abundantly my organic vegetables are growing in the greenhouse, if I don’t start with myself and become aware of my unconscious behaviors, concepts, and thought patterns, all the talk about global change is useless and it just doesn’t work in the long run. So: How do I intelligently start and keep evolving myself?

I love our mother Earth and often I weep away when I see how big chunks of pristine nature get transformed into marketplaces. I see a world in which archetypally initiated women and men creatively collaborate in novel cultures that emerge from new ways of thinking. Natural balance together with natural beauty would then find easefully its way back into every day life.


Clinton: I was born in Kansas but moved to Europe in 1995. I led my first Expand The Box in 1998. Which means Possibility Management was not imported from America. I invented it here in Europe. I think it emerged as a side-effect of going through evolutionary liquid states outside of my birth culture. Each time my Box melted down in trainings I was far away from the American morphogenetic field, so I was not forced back into the American Box. But I had too much world-knowledge to become French or German. So in each liquid state – and I was in hundreds of trainings – I came closer and closer to manifesting my essential curiosity. Luckily I had no clue where this insatiable question mark might lead me. If I did, the degree to which I would be changed would have frightened me enough to defend normalcy. It wasn’t the seeking so much as what I found that was transformative. No one hinted that uncontainable understandings remained essentially undiscovered by modern culture. After all, we put a man on the moon! We have iPhones and SatNav and broadband WiFi. We have Wikipedia! Well, the gameworld we’ve concocted for 40 years, what we’ve come to call Possibility Management, does not even register on the Wikipedia radars yet. But a quiet (r)evolution is unfolding. A global PM community emerges. Radically responsible individuals are finding each other. We are cultural edgeworkers, pirate thinkers, and people building bridges that others can cross to post-patriarchal cultures centered around free-schooling, relocalized authority, and ongoing adulthood initiatory process. On my 60th birthday during a Possibility Lab, this community became stable enough that I could let go of it from the edges and step inside with the others and be held by them. This was the best birthday present ever. Now, along with deepening the Trainer Guild and writing books and making films, I do everything I can to strengthen the already existing archearchal ecovillage cultures. It’s what I came here for – planting new thoughtware seeds in fertile soil. Harbigarrr!


Clinton and Marion Callahan

Next Culture Research & Training Center





Michaela: I have always somehow sensed that stress, pain, illness and conflicts are gifts to be approached inquisitively, almost like Christmas presents. I’m attracted to breakdowns because of what comes next, what comes through. Life flows along, always in process. When I work with a client or a group, the flow is fascinating to me. I step into the movement and suddenly another panorama opens up, one that was not apparent when standing still on the sidelines. New actions become doable. I apply both linear and nonlinear technologies, from physiotherapy and healing practitioner studies to Possibility Management. It’s been 15 years already, being a playful space in which healing happens. I have learned and been able to give so much to people. I’m a companion in transformation, bringing inner beauty to the outside, to enjoy it, to share it. I strongly support people in walking new paths and recognizing and using their own strengths.


Michael: Quadraphonic life, I would call it. From 10 years experience as a leader and project manager in a large German corporation in one corner, to world-traveling North America adventure-tour guide in another corner, to personal development Trainer and coach in the third corner, to bringing true love into everyday life with Michaela and her children at home. It’s clear that the dynamic possibilities in today’s world require multi-talented fitness, or else your decisions won’t go right. What you decide is especially crucial when others count on you to apply the best intelligence available. That kind of multi-talented fitness is my specialty: being on your toes, attentive, committed, yet ready to jump in any direction as needed. Flexible wiseness. Connected self-responsibility. It is fun work: discovering and liberating latent talents to amplify personal and team effectiveness beyond what most people recognize as possible. This makes me a huge fan of Possibility Management.


Michaela Kaiser and Michael Pörtner





Nicola: As much of an outdoors woman as I am, hiking whole ranges in the lovely Alps, I’m just as fascinated by the challenges of the inner human terrains. For 15 years I worked as a project leader and key account manager in well-known companies. During that time I became painfully aware of the fact that we never learned to interact in a really relational way, but instead are stuck in a labyrinth of pursuing success, competition and being right. I started investigating the topics of communication, conflict management, team building and development of human potential and finally ended up in an Expand The Box Training. A completely new game world opened up for me; an incredible context empowering men and women to own their full power and treat each other and the Earth respectfully. I was deeply touched and at the same time shocked that Possibility Management was so little known back then. My life changed promptly. I got answers to questions how I could connect to my true being and how to live a fulfilling life that fit me. And yes, I had to look deep inside my inner terrains to get there, which was often challenging, but also fun. It finally revealed to me that human beings are actually designed to fly.

Today I am a Possibility Trainer by vocation. With a lot of sensitiveness, joy of life and great clarity do I lead individuals as well as people in organizations through change processes towards new possibilities and empower them to live their true potential. I am grateful for all the skills I have learned and experienced myself on my diversified way and which I combine today in transformational trainings for personal and global change. To experience how people leap over their inner boundaries, come into their full power and get this unique, vivid, radiant sparkle in their eyes, is what inspires me during my work over and over again and fills my heart with joy. It is remarkable what resides in each of us and it is really dear to my heart to unsheathe this jewel in many people.


Nicola Nagel

Viva Essenza





Patrizia: It was a very frustrating thing, to have gone through an entire Master of Business Administration program and still not feel like I had found my personal vocation. That puzzle sat inside me for years like a Gordian Knot, until one day wrestling with an old emotional demon in a Possibility Lab process, it dawned on me in a flash that this unsolved problem in me was the solution! This very thing that had been bothering me for so long was supposed to do exactly that: bother me, to the point where I finally allowed it to become the focus and guiding light in my work with people. Who are you? And why aren’t you being that? What are you really here for? What is it that turns on your creative excitement, plus pays your bills, plus fulfills your deep longing to serving something greater than yourself? This triple-productive path is your destiny, your calling, and everybody has one. Your life has prepared you to deliver it just like my life prepared me. But modern culture wants us to fit into its plans rather than us following our own life plan in a culture that we shape according to our ideas. So, let’s get together and unfold what you are! The great thing is that even if your vocation does not fit into society’s known roles, it is still wanted and needed by the world at large, because the world is changing. There are many new cultures emerging right now, many dire necessities going unfulfilled until eventually you decide to make yourself available and go live your vocation. And that’s what I’m doing as a Possibility Trainer, accompanying you and liberating your potential so it serves yourself, your team, and the world. 


Patrizia Servidio

Lebe deine Berufung





Sonia: As a child I felt the sun rise each day, although I couldn’t tell many people how important this seemed to me. I also felt each tree being cut, and again, I could not share the intensity of loss I experienced. Fortunately I was carried for six years by a living Druidic Training School where I found resonance in an ancient vocation: midwife for change. I viscerally remember how the relationships between all things, natural and energetic, inner and outer, can be directed to foster bright purposes, and can become the transformative experience of true love. My own children have already grown up, and my present community is emerging from its pioneer phase. Suddenly it touches and surprises me to feel re-embraced by Gaia. Daily she nudges my spaceholding for Possibility Management towards catalyzing human beings into adulthood. I am surprised that my childhood oversensitivities have become the tools I use to help people increase their caring about the tenderness of all life, and to learn to make best use of the time we have here together.


Sonia Willaredt

Come To Life Trainings