Archearchy TRAININGS

Trainer Trainings

Perhaps you are asking: “Is the Possibility Trainer path something for me?”

It’s a big question…

For example, your Trainer Training would start now and continue for four or five years… plus the rest of your life – because there is no such thing as a master Possibility Trainer.

At the same time, nothing stops you from delivering Possibility Management as soon as you are rooted in the context enough to navigate spaces in ways that positively benefit people.


See… the Trainer Guild Codex is not rules. It is more like… guidelines.

By participating in six or more Possibility Labs you peel off enough of your childhood survival habits that you stand in the level of adulthood that can make use of Trainer-Skills-Labs and Trainer Research Labs.

In Trainer-Skills Labs you learn the tools of the trade: How to set up the context? How to draw a map, talk, and hold space, all at the same time? How to roll the energy and access Bright Principles? How to weave the group together in no time? What to do when you as a Trainer are in a liquid state?

Then after being at three or four Trainer-Skills Labs and delivering three or more of your own Expand The Box trainings, you will start hungering for the special distinctions, thoughtware, and personal processes for creating the magic that happens in Possibility Labs. These you learn at Trainer Research Labs.

We also need Trainers to deliver Trainer-Skills Labs and Trainer Research Labs. The prerequisite for this is being jacked into an Archetypal Lineage that ignites into ecstasy when training Trainers.

The universe is what certifies you, so you will deliver Trainer services just as soon as you are able to do so in reality.

As Captain Jack Sparrow explains, “The only rules that really matter are these: what a man can do and what a man can’t do.” (We are certain that Captain Sparrow would agree his rules apply equally to women...)

The buttons Trainer-Skills Labs and Trainer Research Labs at the left give more detailed information. If you do not immediately find answers to your questions, please do not hesitate to call us:

Marion Callahan at +49 (0)1577-4370612

Sonia Willaredt at +49 (0)8630-9868649

Nicola Nagel at +49 (0)89-81099085

If one of us does not pick up, try the next one. We envision Trainer-Skills Labs and Trainer Research Labs available from different teams on every continent around the world. If this is you, then you have real work to do.

Better get on with it.