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Clinton Callahan

Radiant Joy Brilliant Love

Secrets for Creating an Extraordinary Life and Profound Intimacy with Your Partner

Publisher: Hohm Press, Arizona
Softcover: 562 pages
ISBN: 978-1890772727
$ 29,95 
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This hard-hitting and innovative book about man-woman relationship immediately challenges the deceptions about love and intimacy rampant in today’s patriarchal culture. At the same time, Radiant Joy Brilliant Love reveals a step-by-step process for discovering and living out alternative possibilities.

Warning: This book is an initiation process empowering you for living a life in personal responsibility and consequence.

Watch out. You will not work with this book - this book works with you. In fact this is not a book. This is an idea storm, a swarm of memetic viruses. These ideas swarm through every level of your thinking, replacing any ideas they find that are formulated with less clarity. Your mind will not digest this book. This book digests your mind.

If you do not want your present ideas about relationship seriously reordered, do not read this book.



Clinton Callahan

Directing The Power of Conscious Feelings

Living Your Own Truth

Publisher: Hohm Press 
Softcover: 366 pages
ISBN: 978-1935387114
$ 21,95
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The ideas given to us about feelings by modern culture are so distorted that we equate feeling good with feeling nothing. We don’t actually want to feel happy. We want to feel numb.

Our numbness cuts us off from an inborn source of tremendous clarity, wisdom, insight and power: our adult feelings. Having a feeling is not a symptom to be stopped by brain drugs. Feelings are not some design error made by God. Feelings provide information and energy for bringing our uplifting vision of what is possible for humanity on planet Earth to life. If you have a feeling it is for healing something or for handling something. Drowning your feelings in denial, distraction, or drugs is waste of the greatest magnitude.

The growing global chaos and the general failure of seemingly intelligent human beings to create a sustainable future for ourselves reflect a deep disconnection from our own feelings. Idealizing the strong numb hero could possibly exterminate the human race.

This is an important book. It is a book for now. This book takes the reader by the hand and says: Personally choosing numbness may have been unconscious for you. But in this very moment you can change your mind and learn to consciously feel. Then, step by step, you do just this.



Clinton Callahan / Timo Wuerz

Goodnight Feelings



Publisher: Next Culture Press
Hardcover: 64 pages
Holistic ecological printing
1. Edition: September 2014
ISBN: 978-3-9814543-4-5
€ 15,--

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Good Night Feelings invites little ones and big ones to round out their day together during picture-enhanced heart-to-heart sharing.

Any sad moments, strong or subtle frustrations, spurts of fear, and ripples of joy – all are completed and washed away during this safely guided and respectful exchange.

Each feeling has a right to exist. When you listen carefully to your own feelings and the feelings of others, the feelings can explain interactions and heal wounds that logical thinking could never resolve.

Good Night Feelings could become the most exciting book on your child's shelf because each time you read it together the stories emerge with surprising depth and freshness.



Talks on DVD



Clinton and Marion Callahan

Creating a Sustainable Culture





Language: English & German (life translation on stage)
Length: 130 Min.
€ 20,--
Available through: Sonia Willaredt or +49 (0)177-6450103.




Clinton und Marion Callahan

Relationships Don’t Die from Lack of Love, Relationships Die from Lack of Intimacy




Language: English & German (translated live on stage)
Length: 118 Min.
€ 20,--
Available through: Sonia Willaredt or +49 (0)177-6450103.






Further Offerings

Possibility Cards -
The ultimate game for cultural creatives!





Possibility Manager deck of cards with 50 thoughtmaps from Possibility Management
€ 35,-
Available through Nicola Nagel: 





Tonic Gold - an authentic alchemical elixir

Tonic Gold uses its own intelligence to harmonize and balance your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. It optimizes your natural energies. With steady use Tonic Gold transports the physio-psycho-mystical system to its next natural level of well-being. The effect of Tonic Gold is organic and stable, that is, the benefit does not vanish if use is discontinued. Further use produces further development.

Tonic Gold is exclusively handcrafted in limited quantities in India, in the modern laboratory of a European who is one of the world's foremost traditional alchemists. Tonic Gold is unequalled in quality and requires a year to prepare.

1 bottle with 10ml costs €50,- plus shipping.
Please find further information and an order form at




Poster "Archetypa"

This Poster shows a human being, in this case a woman who is in full command of her inner and outer resources and is walking through life with presence and responsibility.

Many of the energetic tools you learn in the Possibility Management trainings are shown, e.g. the Toolbelt with the Clicker, Bag of Things, Disc of Nothing, Is-Glue, Is-Glue-Dissolver, Magic Wand, Voice Blaster, Paintbrush, Sword of Clarity.

In addition you see the Bubble, the Grounding Cord, the 4 Archetypes being activated when you stellate your four basic feelings anger, sadness, fear, and joy to a 100% maximum intensity, the held space, the archetypal lineage, and last but not least the Gremlin.

You can obtain the poster in two sizes:

In 60 x 60 cm (1'12" x 1'12" feet) it costs €25,- plus shipping.

In 90 x 90 cm (2'11" x 2'11" feet) it costs €45,- plus shipping.

Available through Sonia Willaredt or +49 (0)177-6450103.