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Modern culture is not falling apart so much as we are taking it apart… to get out of it… like a butterfly destroys its chrysalis to get into the world… like a child escapes his or her parent’s home to get initiations and create an adult life.

The single-fighter mentality is deeply implanted in us from modern culture, probably for the very reason that we can’t get out of civilization alone. We need each other’s practical help.

This is why more and more people are discovering the joys and learning opportunities of living together in a culture that is designed and created by themselves to be centered around authentic initiatory process. 

Such living experiments have multiple forms, from a virtual village within a high-rise apartment building to a resilient off-grid settlement. The astonishingly powerful thing to recognize is that each experiment establishes a new country in the global ethnosphere.


The concept that a country must be associated with a particular piece of land on Earth is merely a concept. It may be easy to understand, but not very connected to reality – especially as you realize the fallacy in thinking it is possible to own the Earth... because the Earth owns us.


Families are determined by genetics. Communities are determined by memetics, that is, by the set of memes that members are attracted to. Memes are related to genes in that your genes are the smallest instruction for the design of your body, and memes are the smallest instruction for the design of your mind. This means that the soil out of which a community grows is its context, and upgrading thoughtware is a currency of next culture. 


When three or more people establish an energetic configuration of commitment to a particular context a new country is born. The context sets the game rules, values, purpose, and culture in this country. Each energetic configuration of commitment is a seed crystal in the global ethnosphere through which others can easily catch the vision.


These experiments are the consciousness of the Earth, Gaia, at work, evolving. Gaia is like a glove with trillions of sentient fingers. Seven billion of them are human beings. We are the Earth trying to grow up. Will we make it? No one knows. This website is dedicated to the idea that it is worth a try! 




Below are links to the rapidly emerging organizations we know about. It’s possible to use their resources for creating your own organization, community or non-profit-enterprise or to join them.   



To CREATE your own village-country you will find valuable assistance at:

Ecovillage Design Education: 

Archearchy Info Website:

Diana Leafe Christian’s book Creating a Life

Hildur Jackson’s books Ecovillage Living and Creating Harmony and her articles:



To FIND your next-culture community it is recommended to first visit a few, live there for awhile, discover the context and style of their culture, their customs and valued talents. Here are the best collections of next-culture living experiments that we know of:

Global Ecovillage Network: 

Fellowship for Intentional Community: 

Transition Town movement: 

Eurotopia catalog of communities (in English or German):  

Diana Leafe Christian’s book Finding

100 Million Nanonations (Clinton Callahan):



When you learn of further resources please let us know so we can share them with others! Thank you!