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Possibility Labs

After completing the Expand The Box Training, you are qualified to participate in the Possibility Laboratories (short: PLabs). Possibility Labs are brilliantly-clear and profoundly-safe rapid-learning, transformational-healing, and adulthood-initiatory spaces.



In PLabs you change your relationship to inner blocks by getting deep insights into your true needs and hidden purposes. Through approaching your essential inspiration and applying practical tools and techniques of Possibility Management you pave the way for reviving your true vocation, no matter how big your vocation is.

Together we unleash your already existing potential that may currently be buried under conditioning, habits, supposed circumstances or fears.



The kinds of things you learn, include:

• to first of all recognize and allow your original feelings and to then use them as a powerful energy source to make things happen.

• to create clarity and make boundaries.

• to realize that not a situation itself but the interpretation of a situation represents a problem.

• to dissolve inner blocks, heal emotional and energetic wounds, re-arrange relational agreements and find and transform restrictive beliefs and old decisions.

• to fully communicate by using your voice and body language. 

• to function with ease in the center of chaos.

• to create opportunities rather than waiting for them.

• to live relationships authentically and deeply.


This work empowers you to go your way with your full capacity and power and be your vocation in action.






During Possibility Labs we set up and take down the training spaces together. We plan, shop for, prepare and clean-up meals together, as one team. This builds in each person the practical capacity to create a learning community. 




Possibility Labs are navigated by a team of 2 to 3 Possibility Trainers.

We work individually, in pairs, in small groups and as a whole group using parallel play within a creative sanctuary. The learning from each PLab can be implemented immediately in your everyday and professional life. In fact, it would be difficult not to use what you learn because, like any authentic initiatory path, the learning in PLabs changes who you are.

Although both – beginners and advanced participants – join the trainings at the same time, the learning turns out to be very personal, addressing individual topics. It is a tradition in Possibility Management that advanced participants share their experiences with new participants.

Each participant is met where they are and goes through those particular processes which are most valuable for him or her personally at this stage in their life. That is why Possibility Lab trainings are unpredictable, exciting and different each time, both for participants and for the Trainers.

All tools and exercises of feelings work applied during the PLabs derive from Possibility Management and have been experienced by us.




There is an immense difference between understanding what should be changed and actually changing, between knowing the path and walking the path. PLabs empower you as a skilled change-agent, less in theory and more in practice. 

Without ongoing initiatory processes your life is shaped by the powerful decisions you made long ago under circumstances very different from those surrounding you now. Unconsciously conforming your present behavior to forgotten decisions imprisons you, your relatedness, and your creation-ability behind invisible limitations... invisible to you, that is.


During more than 40 years of practical experience Possibility Management Trainers have discovered that residual emotions (those “buttons” that flare up when they get triggered) have value by revealing the origins of ancient patterns. Through seven to ten deep-personal-healing and transformational-shift processes over a period of two to three years, an entirely new and stable platform for authentic adulthood gets built inside of you. The automatic buttons vanish and a more resilient and playfully-relating adult human being blossoms in their place.


Over the years we have identified and now provide 18 Core Initiatory Processes, and deliver one or two of these for you in each Possibility Lab.


During your 10. Possibility Lab your commitment to your initiatory path will be formally recognized in a celebratory space. Fulfilling your destiny step-after-step along the way – doing what you came here to do – takes on a whole new level of effectiveness. Encompassing both shadow and bright worlds is a true odyssey that any adventurer will tell you is not always a pretty sight. These experiences reposition your assemblage points and provide a new reference frame for a life of enhanced engagement, creativity and love.





Modern society is taking a long walk off a short pier. This means that personal development is not just about you anymore. Personal development is crucial for the continued existence of human beings on Earth. Do you want to help?


As Daniel Quinn says, “Something better than civilization is waiting for us.” That something is called next culture, archearchy – the culture that comes after matriarchy and patriarchy. Obviously next culture functions using a different set of thoughtware than modern civilization or we just continue duplicating the same sort of society that is exterminating the Earth.



What does it take for you to hold the new ways of thinking? It takes matrix. Matrix is the energetic structure that is built out of distinctions and that holds consciousness. There is more than enough consciousness around. What one lacks is the matrix to hold it. Once your matrix holds the consciousness you can apply it. Responsibility is applied consciousness. 

Possibility Labs build in you the matrix to hold the consciousness for functioning in next culture.


PLab after PLab your personality Box gets expanded with radical responsibility, sustainable soft skills, ongoing adulthood initiatory processes, and stellated archetypes, connecting you to the inner resources that launch you into sustainable adult life.


Normally young people between 15 and 20 years of age would begin with these basic initiations into adulthood but authentic initiations are not part of modern culture. So we begin where we are. And a committed human being is able to change at any age.


Sustainable behavior appears to be unconventional because conventional behavior is not sustainable.


You develop your capacity for being unconventional in Possibility Labs.




Being adult includes a changed relationship to responsibility. No longer is responsibility a burden to be avoided as in the childish perspective. Adult responsibility is a new agreement between you and the universe after which your life is about serving a mighty purpose, something greater than yourself.

Adulthood initiations shift you from unconscious victimhood to unconditional choice. 

Possibility Labs initiate you into responsibility for attention, center, presence, purpose, outcome, space, time, energy, money, feelings, thoughts, sexual energy, possibility, consequences, the Box, the greater community, responsibility for responsibility, and so on. To view a silent video that scrolls over 150 adulthood initiatory processes listed in English please go to this link.


We do not already know what most of these mean because modern culture is not founded in adulthood. It is founded in child-level responsibility through making messes with no intention at all of ever cleaning them up. Modern culture’s hierarchical organizations award power to those people who will do whatever it takes to climb the ladder. The people who will do “whatever it takes” to get power are sociopaths and psychopaths. In the last 50 years, global hierarchies have become top-heavy with psychopaths. It’s a modern-culture design error. This explains why no matter how much good intention is brought to the table at global summits, a bright future for humanity is not even on the agenda. 

In modern culture you are rewarded for avoiding responsibility, blaming others, justifying failures with good excuses (or good lawyers), externalizing costs to less developed nations or to future generations, and so on. The result is that we do not know about taking radical responsibility.


Not knowing about a thing does not protect us from that thing seriously affecting our lives. 




After realizing at Copernican times that the universe does not orbit the Earth, we now see that the Earth does not orbit around human needs. We could also speak of a Second Copernican Revolution. You gradually become aware of shifting identity, from thinking “I live on a planet” to realizing “I am the planet.” Then you can no longer sponsor short-sighted adolescent concepts such as “owning land and resources” which actually own you, “defending my country and religion“ which turn out to be limiting stories, “making a profit” which is delusional thinking in a closed ecosystem, “throwing away toxic wastes and plastics” when there is no such place as “away,” “winning a good life for yourself” without realizing we are all one. Somewhere along your journey you become a source person for next culture and a bridge serving others.


These are huge and life-long inner changes that challenge the givens in modern culture and put your future on a new path. Your daily orientation may shift away from “trying to earn enough money to survive in the rat race,” towards “serving people in my unique and satisfying way co-creating a sustainable human presence on Earth.”


This is big work. If you can do any part of it, future generations will thank you.







3-5 days, Possibility Labs begin on day 1 with silent sitting at 07:00 and end by 18:00 on the last day. Possibility Lab is an alcohol-free training.



Possibility Labs take place in seminar houses in the countryside where we cook our own food and stay in comfortable double or shared rooms. For further details about a particular PLab location please see CALENDAR.



597, -- Euros (tax included, meals and lodging extra).
From October 1, 2017 the fee will be a sliding scale of 650 - 950 Euros.

Since we share food costs, the price for each person usually adds up to about 8,- Euros per day. Lodging costs depend on your room choice and range between 25,-- and 50,-- Euros per night.



Please see the CALENDAR and register with the specific Trainers who are delivering your Possibility Lab. In one sense it does not matter which Possibility Trainers deliver Possibility Management trainings, because it is not the person who delivers the training but rather the Bright Principles working through them delivering the clarity and possibility that is so useful. In another sense, each Trainer has their own Box and their own style of delivery, and it can be very educational to take your Possibility Labs with a variety of Trainers. If at any time you need further information please contact the Trainer Guild Operator: Sonia Willaredt, Tel. +49(0)8630-9868649.