Archearchy TRAININGS



What is Possibility Management?


Possibility Management is open-code thoughtware for catalyzing change in the physical, intellectual, emotional or energetic obstacles that block you and your team from making abundant use of non-obvious possibilities. 



The term open-code means that Possibility Management is copyleft, which means that it cannot be copyrighted, that derived works carry the legal share-alike clause. Copyleft is appropriate because the growing set of tools, processes, and thoughtmaps through which Possibility Management is applied come from an inexhaustible source of clarity and possibility open to all who can access it. In fact, one objective of Possibility Management trainings is to prepare you to personally jack-into the bright principles that source Possibility Management so they serve you, and through you, your people, as resources for the rest of your life. 


Possibility Management works by converting inner barriers into fertilizer, doorways, rocket ships, or avoidable mud puddles along your path of evolution. Each application of Possibility Management includes a stepwise initiation that liberates a bit more of the ecstatic aliveness characteristic of a free-and-natural adult human being.


Through Possibility Management you interact with everyday circumstances using the power of a new leverage point: radical responsibility. Possibility Management teaches how to take responsibility for what is possible.


Possibility Management is the radically responsible thoughtware for creating what is. This equates to the ability to invent new gameworlds.


The gameworld of modern culture uses the thoughtware of Capitalistic Patriarchal Empire, which is focused on profit, competition and an I-win-you-lose game. This game is not sustainable and has already been creating severe damage to people and the Earth. Modern culture is already showing signs of being defunct, the same way a car is useless when it runs out of fuel and needs parts that are no longer available even though it looks fine from the outside.


Possibility Management empowers men and women to change directions and create a sustainable way of life.




Other gameworlds besides modern culture are being invented. The new gameworlds can be called next cultures. They share three primary characteristics:


1. Empowering people to live their full potential by valuing ongoing adulthood initiatory processes.

2. Lacking hierarchical power structures.

3. Being ecologically sustainable.


The particular form of next culture that emerges from using Possibility Management is called archearchy. Archearchy is characterized by archetypally initiated adult women creatively collaborating with archetypally initiated adult men.